Everyday is an Adventure
To find myself and seek God
filled with beautiful people and places I love.

I wonder if what I do will ever be good enough.

every time it gets harder to let go than the last time. 

happy birthday, josh

I hope life is treating you well. I hope you find your prince.


I just want to run into a room and break everything and scream and shoot it up, and break everything and scream, I’m so tired and I’m drowning in my dreams I just want to break everything and scream, I’m drowning in my dreams

// distances //


Ten feet in front of you is an audience of distant family members, five thousand to be exact. Just Love.

All clapping and screaming the name you have made a name for. You look up; turn around, you see your manager, your best friends, and your fellow tour mates you have so many memories with. They give you nods of approval, pat your back, “go kill em kid.”


In this moment, all you’ve worked for, is here. That first written song, trying to set up the first tour with a broken van, recording music with the cheapest equipment available, and hearing it play when your hand wasn’t on the pause button. And all the broken friendships, the lovers who rejected you, then nights spent on floors in places you’d never thought you’d be, the late night conversations with friends you had to let go, and the moments where you thought even God walked away from you, is all here.

And just look down. Close Your Eyes.


But you’re right here, in this beautiful place. All that matters is the next sixty minutes, where you get to pour your whole life out, leave your heart on the stage, empty the problems, embrace the passion; make someone’s day.

You take a step forward, the bass drops, screams fill the arena, you open your eyes.


We’re all just dancing around in a Cinema, to the songs in our hearts. each on a different beat, and somehow it all makes sense.

I’m so tired and exhausted. All I want to do is run into a room and break and shoot everything inside and scream and scream and scream.